Forex Mentoring

Our tailor-made training sessions allow you to learn everything about the retail trading market and in the financial markets at your own pace.

Every person learns at a different speed, at Rottink investments we make sure to adjust to your needs and not the other way around. So whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced veteran, Here you will be able to find the right coaching style that fits your needs.

Below you will find our packages.

Mentoring packages

Whether you are a beginner or expert, we are confident that you could benefit from one of our packages. All our packages can be upgraded to their next tier during the sessions. If you start with the Beginner package and move to the Intermediate package before the completion of the lessons, you will get the price of the existing package deducted from your new package price.

For any refund questions please check our refund policy.

Beginners Package

Price:                         € 250,-

Lesson format:         10 private lessons (1H p/lesson) (to be used within 3 calendar months).

Lessons will cover:

Key theoretical knowledge of the financial market(s) and its infrastructure (exchanges, brokers, regulators etc)

  • Basic technical analysis
  • Basic fundamental analysis
  • Indicators (explanation of their individual use)
  • Finding entry points and basic risk management (SL/TP ratio’s and Lot Sizes)

Intermediate package

Price:                                € 750,-

Lesson format:          30 private lessons (1H per/lesson) (to be used within 6 calendar months)

Lessons will cover:

  • Everything provided in the Beginner package + below
  • Advanced technical analysis (Price-action recognition and analysis.)
  • Understanding fundamental drivers and how to set up long term trades factoring in fundamental conditions and changes.
  • Indicators (setup, use and analysis)

Risk management of trades, such as trading correlated pairs, hedging risk, minimizing exposure and hedging via correlated pairs.

Advanced Package

Price:                                  € 1500,-

Lesson format:          Unlimited private lessons for 1 full calendar year

Lessons will cover:

  • Everything covered by Intermediate package + below
  • Trading strategies and market conditions
  • How to make trading portfolios (Indices, commodities and FOREX)
  • Setting up realistic trading plan(s) and targets
  • Trading micromanagement
  • Personal guidance at the ready for anything you require
  • 24/7 contact/availability through Skype, mail and mobile (WhatsApp, Viber, text etc.)

Single Sessions

Not looking for an entire package? No problem! For those that are looking to brush up or learn more about specific elements of trading or are unsure if they would be able to commit to a package as stated above do not be worried, we can create a custom solution for you and find a way that would fit you best.

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